Thursday, March 09, 2006

Maia blows bubbles

This morning, Maia went outside in her "big girl" shoes, favorite T-shirt, and panties to blow soap bubbles. She calls that T-shirt her "baseball" (not her "baseball shirt," just her "baseball") because it has a large white ball on the front of it.

Maia has always had a thing about bubbles. Her other favorite T-shirt is her Paris shirt. She likes it, she said, because it has bubbles on it. But she can't stand bubbles in her orange juice and will refuse to drink it if it has bubbles clustering around the sides of the glass. Has to have them all spooned out.

I took a photo of her and will put it up if I can figure out how to do that.

Once someone asked me why we would want to shoulder the costs and burdens of raising a child someone else had brought into the world.

Trying to specify exactly what Maia has brought to our lives is like trying to weigh a bubble. You have to be there, watching her blow bubbles in the carport before preschool in her baseball and big girl shoes.


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