Thursday, July 20, 2006

Maia forensics of a different kind

Can you make that out? It's a Pooh sticker on my laptop that says, "a hearts and flowers sort of day". That and the butterfly sticker next to it are gifts from Maia.

On the other side of the keyboard are some more butterflies:

I had never really thought much about children as gift givers, but it's a big part of what Maia does. I'm always finding little gifts like these from her, or not realizing that she's given me something until later, when I look down at my computer, or on my arms, or in my car, and find something.

This is where I've been sleeping. (It's just easier right now, with Maia needing the security of what she calls the "Big Bed".) These stuffed animals were put there by Maia to keep me company.

This is Maia's fleet of cars and trucks. We gave her a few new ones for her birthday. "I like cars," she told Kristina. As much as Maia is all about being a girl, she's also all about cars and trucks, too. Things like the cars and trucks make Maia's presence in the house palpable.

This is where we hang Maia's pictures, and here's one of them, close up:

It features lots of rainbows (the things that look like horseshoe staples), her name, a sun that looks sort of like a giant jelly fish, tunnels, doors and necklaces, and some letters and numbers. On the right side, towards the corner, you'll see a purple figure that looks like something out of War of the Worlds. That's Daddy. The other two smaller versions of the same thing are Maia and Mommy.

And here's Maia, in girlie-girl mode, with a ton of barettes in her hair:

If you're thinking about adopting, don't expect it to be easy. It isn't an "and they all lived happily ever after" sort of thing. And don't expect it to be identical to having a natural child. It isn't and the differences should be respected.

But if you can add something to the life of a child like Maia, you'll get it back a thousand times over.

All of these photos were from today.

John, Thursday, July 20, 2006


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