Monday, October 15, 2007

We discuss humor and take a walk

We had pasta for dinner tonight--at least Maia and I did--we're the pasta eaters of the group.

Maia had tubes. We were waiting for the sauce to come. Maia put one of the tubes in her mouth and then launched it. It was funny, and we both laughed. She got set up to do it again.

"No, Maia," I said, "Don't. There are things you can't do even if they're funny." But we were both still laughing.

Maia loves to laugh and to trick us. The other morning she told Kristina she had peepeed in the bed. But she was just tricking her.

Maia was still thinking about the tube, but launched one of my spaghetti noodles instead. It stuck to my face, and she collapsed in laughter. I laughed, too. "Maia," I said, "come on."

"That's so funny," she said.

Then she got me to take pics of Kristina because Kristina is camera shy.

She settled down when I said we'd go for a walk if she ate all her dinner. She likes to go on walks.

After dinner, we did take a walk. She was on her bike. We came to a street that sometimes collects children, and there were a half docen or so kids there, including a little boy that she knows and likes. Kahala.

But she wouldn't budge from her observation post.

"Why Maia?"

She pointed to her ear.

"Maia, you can't let that hold you back. There's nothing wrong with your ear. You were just born that way. Besides, I'll beat 'em up if anybody says anything."

This got her interest. "And scold them?"


"If they worry about my shirt or my ear?" She was wearing a "big T-shirt", one of Kristina's.


"Okay," she said. But, in fact, she wouldn't budge.

When we got home, I found the story about her and Aaron in the blog, and showed it to her, but she didn't seem that interested.

John, Monday, October 15, 2007


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